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Languages and cultures: a bridge among school communities


Successful cooperation among schools in Prienai ( Lithuania), Langon ( France) and Bitetto (Italy) involved in individual pupil mobility programmes is the leading idea behind the decision of those schools to further develop and strengthen their partnerships by planning a common project with the inclusion of another partners in order to enlarge communication and cooperation with partners who were not included in previous projects.

Promotion of multiculturalism and multilingualism is the main objective of this project since the main interests of the school involved in the partnership are to favour not only the development of culture and language of each individual country but and at the same time to be open to the other cultures and languages privileging quality and relevance of educational offer and training.

Through the implementation of the project equity and inclusion in education and training will be fostered to prevent drop-outs and to promote participation of disadvantaged groups in society.

By organizing sustainable project activities, sharing the experience and promoting new ways of teaching and learning in non-traditional learning environments our project will be implemented .

So the project will be innovative in the sense that experienced schools from Langon, Bitetto and Prienai will share their experience in pupil mobility with a school from a new comer country involved in the project.

Multilingualism will be promoted during lessons at school where some subjects might be partly taught in a foreign language, through the exchange of teachers who will be give the chance to teach a language in participating school for some time.

Cooperation and communication among all project partners will be established by using IT, Facebook, Skype, video conferences, phone calls, emails.

For headmasters, teachers and students six project meetings have been planned in three years as well as long -term among students from France, Lithuania and Italy while short-term mobilities will include students from Turkey.

Dissemination activities in schools will present the results and the activities through images and videos. Project exhibitions will be also organized with photos from each country, brochures, posters and students’ plays will be performed for the school and also for the local community, articles will be written in the school papers and local newspapers. At the end of the project, each school will organize a dissemination session in the city where they will invite teachers and students from the school, from other schools in town, parents and local authorities/representatives of the ethnic minorities.

Le projet ERASMUS L&C (Langues et Cultures : un pont entre les communautés scolaires) a associé quatre lycées, situés dans quatre pays différents :


Il s'est déroulé sur trois années scolaires :

  • 2014-2015

  • 2015-2016

  • 2016-2017

Chaque année, une classe de seconde différente a été concernée.

En 2014-2015, ce sont les élèves de la classe de 2nde 10 qui ont participer à ce projet sous la conduite de Madame Thuillier, professeur de Sciences Economiques et Sociales, de Madame Dutin, professeur Documentaliste, et avec le concours de l'équipe pédagogique de la classe.

En 2015-2016, les élèves impliqués ont été ceux de la nouvelle classe de 2nde 10  sous la conduite de Madame Bonnaud, professeur d'EPS, de Madame Morin, professeur d'Anglais et avec le concours de l'équipe pédagogique de la classe.

En 2016-2017, les élèves impliqués ont été ceux de la nouvelle classe de 2nde 2  sous la conduite de Madame Grenouilleau, professeur de mathématiques, de Madame Sauboua, professeur d'Anglais et avec le concours de l'équipe pédagogique de la classe.

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