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Théâtre en anglais (07/06/2018)

Toutes les classes de 5è se rendront au théâtre municipal de Mont-de-Marsan le : 

Vendredi 8 juin 2018 (9h30 à 12h)

afin d'assister à des représentations théâtrales en anglais réalisées par plusieurs écoles et collèges du département.

Echanges franco-canadien - rentrée 2017

Une réunion d'information est organisée au lycée Despiau le :

Samedi 12 novembre 2016 (10 h 00)

pour les élèves de 13 à 17 ans qui envisagent une rentrée scolaire canadienne (septembre 2017). Davantage d'informations en cliquant sur le bandeau ci-dessus.

Infos voyages

Voyage à Londres 2015

Le programme du voyage à Londres 2015 est consultable en cliquant sur le bandeau ci-dessus.

The New Pupils in 5ème A/B





Her name is Kateline. She has got brown and blond hair and brown and eyes.She is small and slim. She has got a small nose.

In the photo, she is between Lisa and Corentin.


Corentin has got short curly black hair. He has got a lovely smile.He has got brow eyes. He is chubby and tall.

He is between Kateline and César.


Lisa is not small but she is not tall. She is not chubby but she is not slim.

She has got long straight blond hair and green eyes. She has got dimples and a small nose. Her face is square.

Lisa is next to Kateline.


César has got an oval face. He has got short straight brown hair and brown eyes. He has got an earring on his left ear.

He is not very tall but not very small.

He is next to Corentin. 


Kateline's interview:

-Hello, how are you?

-I'm happy , thank you.

-How old are you?

-I'm twelve and a half.

-Have you got any brothers and sisters?

-Yes, I have. I have got a little sister but I haven't got any brother.

-What is your sister's name?

-Her name is Leelou.

-Have you got any pets?

-Yes, I have. I have got two cats: a kitten whose name is Bouillote and an old cat whose name is Caramelle.

-Where do you live?

-I live in Saint-Perdon.

-Where did you live before?

-I lived in Tartas.

-Where do you come from?

-I come from Saint-Doulchard.

-What sport can you play?

-I can play basketball and I can dance too.

-Where did you go last weekend?

-I stayed at home and I read a book.

-Where would you like to go next year?

-I would like to go to London!!!

-Bye, see you later.

-See you later.


Corentin's interview:



-Have you got any brothers and sisters?

-I have got one brother and one sister.

-What are their names?

-Their names are Laeticia and Steve.

-What are your resolutions for 2014?

-I will be hardworking so I will get good marks.

-What's the name of your best friend?

-Their names are Kylian and Aurélien.

-Have you got any pets?

-No , I haven't.

-What did you do last weekend?

-I went to the cinema and I saw "The Hobbit 2 " .

-Did you like this film?

-Yes, it's a great movie!

-Thank you for your answers. Bye bye.



Lisa's interview:



- Where are you from?

-I'm from Paris.

-What do you like doing?

-I like climbing.

-Have you got any sisters?

-Yes, I have but I haven't got any brothers.

-have you got any pets?

-I've got a brown dog, it's a she, her name is Diam's.

-Who are your best friends?

-Shirley and Karen.

-Do you like blue?

-Yes, I do. I love blue, purple, white and black.

-I'm sorry, I have to go. 



César's interview:


-hello, how are you?

-Have you got any brothers and sisters?

-I've got a brother and a little sister.

-How old are you?

-I'm 12.

-have you got any pets?

-I've got two fish and two dogs. Their names are Lune and Strell.

-Where do you live?

-I live in Mont-de -Marsan.

-Where are you from?

-I'm from Portugal.

-Do you like playing football?.

-I love it. What about you?